Thursday, February 27

Tomorrow is the end of February. The month has been pretty cold.  It also means that there is less than three months of school left.

All three puppies are still gaining weight.  The tiny girl has gain another 0,3 oz and is up to 2.8 oz. 

The guy from USDA called twice, but did not have time to do our official call tonight.  He said it might take up to two hours.  I guess he will try again tomorrow.

Worked on BTCA things, tax receipts, and bills tonight.  People are still sending in renewal fees for BTCA, so not quite ready to send out the renewal cards/gifts. 

I need to call the vet tomorrow to get some more clavamox for Te and an appointment for Amy. Dave can pick up the meds on his way home.  Tobi will need an appointment for a dental sometime in March.  March is also the month that some of the dogs need boosters.  I need to look to see which ones.

I think spring break is going to be a busy time.  Amy will leave, so that means a trip to KC.  A dog is due during that week, USDA will likely come to inspect that week and I want to give everyone their spring haircuts.  I am wanting to try this dental stuff I have had for awhile now too.  We will see if it takes the plaque off like is says.  I will let everyone know.

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