Thursday, April 10

It is official.... Asus is not a good computer or company.  Many of you know of the computer saga since December.  I purchased an Asus T100 from Amazon.  That computer never did work right. I sent it back and got a refund minus the shipping fees.  Amazon did not have any more available, otherwise I would have just exchanged it.  I ordered one from Wal-Mart and picked it up in Lincoln.  The second one started acting up in early March.  I called Asus customer support several times, with no fixes over the phone.  I had to send it in.  They tried to get me to pay for shipping, even though the box is clearly marked with free two way shipping.  I was without my computer for three weeks.  My son let me borrow a Surface table that he had won.  My computer arrived back Tuesday evening.  I was able to get on that night and Wednesday night until the power was running down.  I plugged it in before the power was all the way gone, but it would not charge.  I left it plugged in all night and all day during school today.  Still not charged, so I called customer support again.  They want me to send it back to them.  I asked for a new cord to try, even though they had the cord for the three weeks too.  They told me that I would have to give them a credit card number to pay for the new cord.  I refused to do that, so we will see if the cord will be here in five business days as they promised. 

On the puppy front... starting to limit mama time for the older puppies.  They are getting messier as the mama's clean up after them less.  They are also getting noisier as they play and rough house.  I am not looking forward to the day I have to microchip them. 
Dreamer is finally showing interest in the doggie door.  I think I can have him going in and out on his own sometime this weekend.   

Doing research online I have found an article about adding chlorhexidine to the dogs' water for a month and then twice a week to reduce tarter and plaque.  I am hoping this will work. I am planning on picking some up tomorrow night.  Now that everyone has clean teeth I want to keep it that way. 

All the dogs have had their heartworm/worming treatment for this month, but I have started talking to the vet about using ivomec. 

It is supposed to be really warm on Saturday.  Hoping to get the trike out. 

I need to get the USDA guy called.  Can't be much more ready for the inspection now that most of the teeth are done.

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