Sunday, September 21

Finally have time to post and don't faint..... but I have pictures of the babies on the puppy page.  I did not put one of Harley since he is already spoken for.  
Each baby is so cute.  The younger ones are just coming to 4 weeks old this week.  I gave them some puppy gruel tonight.  I put them all together to do this and to keep the mamas out.

I have started the weaning process for Harley and Pumpkin.  They are away from TeTe more than they are with her.  

School is still going at a fast pace and some days I am keeping up and others not so much.  Lesson plans were done before I left on Friday, but not by much.  I think only one other teacher was still at school when I left.

We helped out with my parents garage sale this weekend.  Dereck and Kysha came up and we all went to a few sales.  Not many treasures were found though.  
Went out on the trike today for just a bit.  Rode it to Beatrice and ate Runza, then to Wal-Mart to buy my vitamins.  Dave went out to his folks' tonight and I worked on pictures.  

It has been long enough, that I can't remember what I have told you, so sorry if I am repeating myself (again! lol)
Our trip for the destination wedding has been booked.  I also upgraded to a beach front room.  I figured that Dave and I will never go to Jamaica again, so we are going to enjoy it this time.  I have marked my calendar for the weeks I cannot have girls bred, so that no puppies are born during that time.  Now watch all of them will choose those days to come into heat!   

We have early release Wednesday this week (in-service for teachers).  I have Homework Room on Monday, so that means I am at school until 5 anyway.  (Nothing new there!).  On Thursday I am working with a really nice woman on showing dogs.  She has two pet Shibas and is hoping to get a show Shiba.  She is doing all she can to make sure she is ready.  Conformation classes, reading books, and watching videos so I am kind of just an extra practice session.  

Dave's birthday is NEXT week on October 1.  Not sure what we are doing yet.  

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