Wish me luck.   I am on new computer #2.  I have felt so tough all day that this is the first I have gotten on it.  No new pitures of babies yet.  I really haven't even seen them today.  Dave has been holding down the fort while I have stayed in bed.  Great husband took care of all of the fur babies and me all day long!!

Tuesday, I have Homework Room and Thursday I get my hair done.  

Mike, AKA Hero, will be leaving us in about three weeks.  I did finally get the car cleaned out from the show weekend on Thursday.  It has been so cold here!  I am missing on of the big ribbons that the dogs won.  Not sure if Jill has it or if the show committee decided that the one they gave nwas wrong so they took it back.  They dd tell us to call with her address so they could send her the right ribbon, but when I asked if they wanted the one they gave her back they said no.  A ribbon is the least thing to worry about, especially if Jill has it.  What better place for it to be?

Well, better get back in bed.  School tomorrow.

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