Well, the Holiday season will soon be wrapping up for teachers and students.  Teachers go back next Thursday. 

Mike (Hero) is with his new mommy and brother Spike.  He traveled well and only fussed a little over night before Kysha and Dereck met with Sandy. Mike's new mommy is totally in love (a second time!)   I hope that Spike appreciates his new brother. 

Spent most of yesterday grooming dogs.  I did have to cut out some mats :-(  Next I have a shelf unit to set up and stock and then wipe down the walls in the barn.  They are dusty since it has been a bit over a year since they were put in.  I also need to set up an appointment for the vet to come here.  There are several dogs that have shots due in January.

I took a few pictures the other day and here is Amy.  I thought she looked extra happy.

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