October 2

Just got back from the dog show late this afternoon.  1st show--Tater was BOB and went to win Group 1.  Baby was BOS.Tatttt  2nd show--Dreamer was BOB and then got group 3.  Fancy was BOS.  Many Many thanks for my friend Bernice for taking care of Tater and Baby and then also going to this show with me to help get things ready and show  Tater.

Went to eye doctor again on the way to the show.  He wants to see me again in another month.  I think just as a precaution.

If anyone is wanting a retired boy (meaning he will likely need to wear a belly band, even after being neutered)  Wolfi has been retired.  He has no teeth, but eats hard dog food. 

Looking forward to puppies in about a month.  No other litters are in the works right now.  I may have an announcement about a new Heaven Sent member in a few weeks!

Also forgot to tell you that Dave and I are expecting our first grandbaby this next spring!

Next show is Eukanuba in December.  Much to do before then!

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