Monday, June 9

Did not leave home, but was super busy today.  Plumbers came to dig out sewer line, put water line into barn and fix spigot on side of house.  I had to decide where I wanted the line to come into the barn. 

Mailman came with a package to be signed for (dog harness) and them UPS came with a part for the mower. 

I worked on BTCA things for a good chunk of today.  I was WAY behind in sending out new member packets.  Also had a couple of kennel registrations for BTRA.
Started filling out the paperwork to get all of the adults registered with AKC.  still need to get copies of their BTRA papers and take photos. 

I have finally found something that Joey will eat for more than one meal besides people food.  I soak the puppy kibble until soft, then add Dyne and mask it all up. 

Can't wait until my phone comes tomorrow.  paid extra to get it here in the morning, but last I looked it said by 4:30 in the afternoon.  a couple of calls I have been putting off will be first on my list.  I also want to take puppy pictures tomorrow.  the babies are so cute right now.  Fuzzy and very playful.  they should all be ready to travel by the end of the week. 

Joey has become available again.  his new mommy is having health issues and made the hard decision that a puppy would not be the best right  now. 

I have started a list of things to do.  I can leave a room to go get something and totally get off track. 

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