May 3

Spent the day in Lincoln.  Dave's bike went up for its 5000 mile service, the neutral light not working, trunk latch broken, and new hand grips to hopefully make long drives a bit more comfortable.   I went to Michael's to get ribbon for Dana' a headband and came out with several things to use as props for puppy pictures.  They had a cute coffee mug plant pot, but I did not want people to think I was promoting the term teacup. 

Printed the return address labels for Dana's announcements tonight, so now they are ready for me to take them to the post office to buy postage.

Joey and Tate played with the other puppies tonight.  When I have tried to let them out with the older puppies before they acted scared.  Tonight they joined in on the frolicking. 

Tomorrow is bath day.  Puppies and a couple of adults need baths. I also want to do a bit of painting and foaming in the barn.  I need to get things ready for when we are gone and summer.  Zinga and Darla may be coming into heat.  They are old enough now that they could be safely bred.  It would be nice to try to get another nice Tobi puppy before he leaves.   Not sure what I am going to do.  If they do get bred the puppies would be due in July sometime, and then ready to leave in October. What to-do? What to do?

I think that Razzy is spoken for.  There has been a lot of interest on her and I have a waiting list started.  I find this kind of crazy because she is a nice puppy, but all of my babies will make great companions.  I thought that Romeo would be snatched up quickly because of his small size. He wasn't very fuzzy in the last pictures though.  Crossing my fingers for some cute pictures tomorrow!

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