May 1

Happy May Day!  I remember as a kid making May baskets and taking them to my friends.  We did it with our two children, but kids now don't do May baskets any more.

My class is done with state assessments, except for one girl that was gone today.  The students have three weeks left of this school year.  

The older babies are on their own now.  No more mamas!  Joey and Tate are not too far behind them, but I need to remember that they are quite a bit younger.  I taped droopy ears yesterday.  Some ears are up, so I have all states of tape.  No tape, one tape, both taped.   

The wedding dress is done and home.  Dana had announcements to print but no printer, so they came home with me.  I also have a belt that we are converting to a headband to sew on, and Andi came home with me to get a haircut.  I guess my work is really cut out for me since I can't seem to keep up with the puppies already! 

Tomorrow is the weigh in for the Biggest Loser contest at school.  This week has not been good for my diet, but overall I have done well.

I need to get wedding announcements assembled, so I had better get moving. 

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