March 9, 2015

So nice out today!  Tried walking with the three show dogs.  Of course Dreamer knew what to do.  He gets so excited when I put the lead on him, because he knows we go outside and he get treats for being good.  So funny to watch his joy and excitement.

Tater was next.  He did terrible!  I don't think he walked one step on his own.  Treats did not coax him.  Seeing Emma did not coax him.  Oh well, we will try again tomorrow.  (Only thing we did do was get a bunch of dead leaves stuck in his coat)

Baby did great for her first time.  She walked with me.  Usually a bit behind, but wanted her to have fun and learn to move when I move.  She loved the treats. 

The time change (or maybe lingering of the cold) has me completely worn out!  So tired that I am going to bed early. 

Four days of school this week, so one down and three to go. 

Bella is enjoying extra attention.  Her belly is big, but not huge.  Anxious to see what she and Kingston have!!

Romeo seems to be doing well in his new home.  Crate is dry after being in it, and he peed outside, but came in and pooed on the kitchen rug.  His new mommy was sick over the weekend and he snuggled and kept her warm.  So happy for this little guy and his new family.  Just what they were needing.

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