March 7

Posted pictures of the new babies!  Be sure to check them out.  Of course I think they each are special.  Just look how tiny Te's little one is compared to her sisters!

Dreamer and Amy had a mess for me to clean up tonight.  I am not sure what they tore up.  Hopefully nothing important.  I could not see any print on the paper, so maybe it was blank?

The third quarter ended today.  Hard to believe that this year that started so rough, is going so quickly!  My little third graders have come so far this year, and I probably have too.  When I think of next year, I don't think of sixth grade.  I hope next year goes even better since I will be prepared much better than I was for the start of this year.  I know my attitude will be better.

The diet has been going well.  Almost 1/2 way to my goal.  Being able to cheat on the weekends gives me more will power during the week.  Like having that to look forward to during the week.  Tanned last night for the first time.  I don't want to get to Jamaica and get burnt to a crisp.  Hoping that I can get a base tan.  I know tanning beds are bad for the skin, but if I take it slow and don't burn in Kansas nor in Jamaica I should be better off than getting any type of burn. 

I need to get the laundry and house cleaning all caught up this weekend!  Hoping for some time at home to do that.  I had told Dave last weekend that I dog was due this weekend, so we would have to stay home, but the puppies are here already.   Also would like to get started on some of the spring break dog grooming since Jill may be here that week, plus Amy will be leaving then too.

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