March 14

We went to Topeka today to go to a bike show.  Found out that it is next week.  I have been looking at last year's dates!    Oh well, got some dog food, a dress for the dog show, and a new pair of Spanx!  LOL

Called Vet's today.  They are busy busy next week because Dr. Porter is taking Spring Break off.  Dr. Musil does not have time to come out, so Spot will go in on Tuesday morning for his shots, and then on Friday morning I will take 4 more dogs in. (The ones that need a booster before the show)

Leslie says that Tater is doing great.  She sent pictures of him lounging on the table. 

Baby had let the puppies out of their expen today.  She can open the gates on the Iris pens.  She loves the puppy food, so that is her motivation, not playing with the puppies. 

Not sure what Dave will want to do tomorrow. 


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