March 12

Today is my baby's birthday.  28.  How can I have children this age??  

Waiting to hear from transporter.  She promised to let me know today when Amy will be leaving next week. 

Babies are all doing very well.  I am starting to get some inquiries about them.  Tessa also has had a couple of people interested in her. 

Two more days until spring break begins!  The fourth grade tried taking their science state assessment yesterday and our school did not have things set up correctly.  They were able to take it today though.  Hope all of the bugs are worked out before we have to take it.   

My computer is acting up.  Won't charge and won't run with the power cord plugged in.  This post is on borrow time, as I don't know when it will shut off.  Unfortunately I have to send the computer in.  They told me about a week NOT including transit time.  I figure that means 2-3 weeks without a computer.  Since I won't be at school every day next week, that means I will have to use my phone.  Does anyone enjoy typing on their phone?  My fingers hit wrong buttons and autocorrect doesn't like all of the words I want to use. 

Excited about having Jill here next week, but not ready for her. 

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