March 10, 2015

Weather still so nice!  Is it too much to ask for it to continue all through next week too? 

Came home to puppies out.  Baby opens the latches.  Pretty sure they were out most of the day because their pee pad was clean, but outside their pen by the pad had all of poos on the floor.  Did I tell you that they are officially weaned?   The littler girl has so many things that I like, but right now not happy with her tail.  She carries it almost straight up with just a slight curve.  The bigger girl is lighter in color, but has better ears and tail.  I need to decide which one is my keeper. 

Bella is not acting any differently yet.  Still have several days before she is due.

Dreamer is resting at the foot of my bed after his bath and comb out.  I need to band his pony yet, but like for the hair to fully dry first.

Early meeting tomorrow and faculty meeting after school.  Thursday I get my hair colored and cut.  Then Friday Spring Break starts!!!

Want to go to the dog show this weekend to see my friend show and take the young ones for experience, but won't leave Bella if she is ready. 


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