June 6

It finally happened.... I killed my phone.  The last day of Jamaica I was using it as a watch and it fell onto the ocean when I was rinsing my flip flops off and the strap of the purse broke.  It has been in rice since we got home, but no luck this time.  I will be getting a new phone tomorrow.  PLEASE call or text me since all of my contacts will be lost. 

Everyone here survived while we were gone.  Lori and Taylor took great care of everything.  Carolyn will be happy to know that Joey had special attention.  He is officially spoiled rotten and still like people meat over anything in the dog food family.  Taylor already knew all of the dogs'/puppies' names, but Lori told me that she does now too!  They met up with Rosie's new mom when she came to pick her up.  Hated that I missed getting to meet her, but our travel dates were the same days so we did not get that chance. 

If you want to know how to get your BTRA registered Biewer Terrier registered with AKC, drop me a line.  It will cost $35 per dog. 

Can't wait to get my new phone, I feel so out of touch.

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