june 12

I just realized that tomorrow is Friday 13th. 

I did get a few pictures taken.  Tobi, Wolf, and Dreamer for AKC registration and Joy, Topper and Tate for updated puppy pictures.  Hopefully I can get some more tomorrow since I won't have the vet coming by.  I need to get Darla and Zing's done so I can get their BTRA papers back. 

Right now it looks like Joey will be leaving on June 22.  Going to really miss that ornery guy.  He was a whole 2.3 pounds today.  His size does not stop him from picking on the other puppies though.

Been looking for a small water heater for the barn.  Will be nice to have hot water down there.  Of course, I need a sink too.  I want something big enough to fill my scrub bucket and wash dogs.  I have my laundry room sink set up for the dogs now, but still use the kitchen sink most of the time. 

One (or more) of the puppies like to unstuff  toys and beds.  I am finding stuffing all over.  It is not quite as hard to clean up as pee pad fluff. 

It will soon be time to give all of the adults their summer buzz cuts, but tonight the temperature here is supposed to be in the 50s.  


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