July 20, 2915

Survived the week with the grand daughter and now the house seems so quiet without her!  Gearing up for the dog show this coming weekend.  I  need to leave provisions for Dave for when I am gone.  We will also be having a visiting dog, as Sassy will be coming back for a few days to visit Killer.

The start of school is approaching SO QUICKLY!!!   I have things I need to do at school, but they will wait until after this show.  My school committee needs to meet before school starts.  One of the members will be gone the beginning of August and then I want to be gone right before school starts.  That leaves August 10 or 11 for us to meet! 

Gotti is now called Andy and in his new home in California.  His new mom has posted pictures on FB and he looks happy. 
Now to find Killer his forever home.  He is so sweet and someone is missing out on his great personality.  He is doing VERY well with potty training.  He does his job first thing in the morning when I take them out.  During the day, if I don't get him out he is using the pee pad and usually even hits it!  LOL

Taking 4 dogs to show and my helper is likely going to be showing her own dogs at the very same exact time.  I have been trying to get together some awards for the show to hand out to winners.  It is hard to come up with things that every size of dog could use. 

The heat here has been miserable!  High humidity makes the heat index around 115. 

Trying to get the exact siding for the house picked out.  I thought is would just be a color thing.... Nope!  There is different materials, insulated, noninsulated.  5 in double, 4 in double 8 single.  So, I have samples of the different sizes to show Dave.  We have the color picked out!  lol  So glad for an experienced contractor running our local lumber yard.  This man has even worked on our house, so he knows a bit about it and can give us and the current contractor some heads up and tips about things. 

Hope I have exciting news to report after the show!!!


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