January 15

I have a cold AGAIN!  So much for the flu shot, vitamins, and trying to eat healthy.  My theory is that third graders carry more germs than 6th graders.  

Talked to some references today and right now it looks like Mira has found her forever home.  Scheduling her spay hopefully for next week and then get to meet her new mom the following Sunday.

Still not finished from my list ( might be easier to say everything!)
Puppy baths and pictures
Tax paperwork

The tax stuff cannot wait any longer!  I need to have everything ready for our accountant a week from Saturday! 

Up beat note... I have lost 5 pounds already!  Swim suit season will be here before I know it!  Suitcases should be arriving any day.  Can't wait for the Jamaica vacation!

Before the vacation, we may have puppies!!  Due date will be March if the breeding worked.  I will let you know more for sure when things are confirmed.  Tobi has been a busy man.  Did I tell you that he will be leaving me?  Since Dreamer is going to stay as a Heaven Sent boy, his daddy, Tobi will need to find a home.  I already have a lady that would like to adopt him. He is such a sweet boy, that he will be missed. 

Tessa has started running around the place without any fear (on her part).  This worries me, as she is not always so good to come when I call her.  I bribe her with treats, but she has started grabbing her treats and then heading back outside.  She will also dodge through the door when I am heading outside.  Wonder if this is doggie terrible twos?

Still hoping for an early spring.  The bitter cold of last week is plenty of winter.  It could stay 50 and above and I would be perfectly happy.  I think the dogs would prefer this too.  lol

Going to head to bed and try sleeping some of this cold away.

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