Jan 12/13

The puppies are growing nicely.  The darker one, a girl already has her eyes open.  They are very content puppies.  They don't fuss in the box or when I pick them up. 

Bella is coming into heat.  She has not had a litter since Dreamer, so I guess it is time if nature and God allow.  Dreamer does not care that Bella is his mom.  He is not happy at all.  The kitchen has pens set up to keep dogs separated.  Most of the time Bella and Kingston are each in a pen.  This allows Dreamer to wander, but when Bella gets her roam time, then Dreamer has to go to her pen.  Kingston cannot be out with Bella or Dreamer right now with Bella in heat, so he is next on the rotation. 

I have been making lists for vaccinations, OFFA exams, and registrations.  I am going to get the vet out here for their semi annual visit. 

Testing starts tomorrow.  This will be the first time to take ACT Aspire.  We have two weeks with this test, then in March we have State Assessments and then ACT Aspire again in April/May.

Ria is suppose to be leaving this weekend.  Tax appointment is Saturday morning too.  Hoping there are no conflicts.

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