Friday, Nov 1

Had the day off today because of conferences and working until 9 pm two days this week.  Paid some bills, did a bit of cleaning and laundry.  

Tomorrow the puppies go to the vet for their first shot and check up first thing in the morning.  

Heard from Harley's mom and he is doing well.  He is going to the vet this next week for his first check up in his new home.  

Here it is November already!  Not sure what Thanksgiving will bring for us.  Dana has to work Thanksgiving evening, as the mall opens at 8 pm.  Retail is taking more time away from the people and their families to entice the public to buy more.  Dana said she is afraid that if they were not open the people out shopping will not come out later in the day to shop or will have used their Christmas budgets up before getting to the stores that open later.  This late opening means that her store will be open for 25-26 hours.  Makes it hard for her team to cover all of the hours when they are use to much shorter work days.

The shows in Missouri and Wyoming are coming up.  Don't really have anyone to show, plus with the holidays and not having puppies adopted all summer, things are kind of tight right now.  I have thought about taking either GG or Pumpkin to see how they would do.  Wish the Wyoming show was in Colorado, like it use to be.  

The group email last week was bounced back by over thirty emails.  Not sure why so many were bounced this time, as the same emails just a few weeks before had only 2 bounced back.  I deleted all emails that were bounced.  So if you did not get the email about puppy pictures and weights being updated and still want to get my updates, you may want to resubmit for the emails.  


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