Friday, February 21

Made it to Columbia  around 10.  Dana had just gotten home from work. Let the girls run around in the back yard with Andi (Going Grand From Heaven Sent.  A former HS mama in retirement with my daughter.  See the picture signed by Mrs. Brewer).  Te stayed pretty close. Vivi wandered some, but the cutest thing was when she saw her reflection in the glass door it scared her. Of course she went to look again and was just as scared of the strange dog outside. 

The school day went quickly today and I left before 4!  We did not get to pick up our grand daughter because she wanted to do something with a friend tomorrow. Huge disappointment for both Dave and me. The things we brought for her will be here when she comes to Columbia.

Can't wait to meet Vivi's mom tomorrow. Beauty parlor time in the morning.  Baths were given before we left home. Vivi is sleeping in a crate by herself tonight. A tiny bit of fussing but then quieted down.  She is within three feet of me and Te is in her box between Vivi and me. 

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