February 8, 2014

Trying to get the girls' paperwork ready for them to leave me.  I have also been packing their bag and realize that I am out of harnesses after Pumpkin leaves.  I thought I had bought some awhile back, but must not have (unless I put them someplace else).  Still waiting to hear if we meet the transporter tomorrow evening.  I am going to have everything ready including Pumpkin, as we may not get the call to go until last minute.  Being 2.5 hours from the airport can be quite a pain. 

We have to make a dog food run tomorrow.  I emptied out the container today.  May have to get it on our way to KC though. 

Need to clip Pumpkin tonight, but I will probably wait for her bath until tomorrow.  May do Dreamer's ears too.  I haven't found my corded small clippers since going to the dog show.  Was hoping they would show up, but evidently I left them in the hotel.  Glad Dave bought me a battery powered set a couple of years ago for Christmas. 

I think cold #3 is starting.  Stuffy head, a bit of drainage.  My voice just got better a week ago from the last one.  I don't think I ever had this many colds in 6th grade! 

Need to keep moving. 

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