February 16, 2014

Quick catch up.  Thursday I came home from school took care of dogs and then went to bed. 
Friday was the valentines' parties at school.  I brought a lot of candy home.  Even though Dave and I are both trying to watch what we eat, we did eat some of it. 
Saturday was the ABATE bike show in Lincoln.  We went last year to see the trikes.  This year we wanted to see what all people add to their trikes for chrome and other accessories.  Unfortunately we were disappointed as there were only a couple of trikes there.

We are on puppy watch.  Te is expecting.  She was not one that I was wanting to be bred and it must have happened when she was just coming into heat before I got her separated.  I guess the good Lord knows better than I do. 

Friday I got a call from USDA.  The new regulations now say that if I have more than 4 breeding females (anyone over 6 months) and do not have ALL of the puppy buyers come to my home that I have to be licensed with them.  This also means that as soon as a puppy is weaned I have to have it microchipped.  I quit microchipping puppies for two reasons.  1. their new homes sometimes wanted different chips than I had and 2.  Have you seen that needle?  I would prefer the babies are being spayed or neutered when it is implanted for their comfort.    I guess our government has to look out for the consumer, but it seems that all of us get hurt in the process. 

Scanner is on its way from a friend and I will be ordering microchips this next week for it.  Also getting new clipper blades so I am ready for spring break.

I will let you all know of puppy arrival after it happens.  Te is such a sweet girl and an awesome mother.

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