February 1, 2014

A new month begins.

Mira's new owner reports that she is adjusting to her new home.  She keeps close to her new mom though.  

ViVi, aka GiGi will be leaving me around February 22, so today marks the month she will leave me.  I need to get her and the other puppies in for their rabies shot.  I also promised Mira's new mom to get a script for Revolution, for her heartworm med.

I did get Pumpkin and Amy bathed today.  Dreamer is halfway brushed out.  I did brush ViVi again too.  Pumpkin and Amy have really nice hair that has not matted hardly at all.  Just a little on the back legs by the paw.  Dreamer on the other hand, is going to be a full time job! 

The lady that was going to adopt Pumpkin had some health issues come up and she needs to wait.  I told her that whenever she is ready, that I would find her a pup.  I am praying that she gets good news from all of her tests this next week.

I have updated Pumpkin and Amy's pix on the puppy page.  I want to get a good one of Dreamer to put on my boys' page.  Tobi will probably leave towards the end of February or the beginning of March.  He is not going far, but we will miss him.  He is such a kind dog.  I did not worry about him with any of the puppies or girls.  He and Murphy usually get along, unless someone is in heat.  Wolfi and Tobi got along better than Wolfi and Murphy.  Not sure why those two hate each other so much.

I have decided that Sis needs to find a pet home.  She has not been able to be bred even though she comes in.  She will make someone a sweet baby.  She is a quiet girl, but can be timid. 

Dave woke up to the sewer backing up this morning.  We had gotten a couple of inches of snow last night and it sounds like more is on the way.  Not sure if the cold is the culprit for the back up or if we need to have the septic tank cleaned out again.  (Just be glad that is not your job!)

I have a couple of tummies that look like we might have puppies in 5 weeks! 

Dave turned down our thermostat since propane is over $5 per gallon!  I was chilled today and the puppies were cold from baths.  I did make him plug in a space heater to that we weren't too cold.    I will say that a bit colder room makes the dogs want to sit in my lap.  It was never empty today when I was sitting.  Now I need to train them to use my feet as their beds too, to keep my toes warm!

I made laundry soap yesterday.  Or at least I mixed a bunch of ingredients together to make a detergent to use for clothes.  It is suppose to last a long time, as you only use 1-2 Tablespoons per load.  A friend had given me some to try out and I liked how the clothes looked and smelled.  I need to talk to her Monday to see if I followed her directions correctly, as there were a couple of things that I was not sure of.  Sizes were off in the store.

Wondering if the snow this week will give teachers and students a day off?  


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