December 22, 2014

I am actually typing this on my computer.  We will see how long it lasts before it dies!  

Cleaned up barn/kennel today.  Dave is great to take care of things while I am gone, but he does not keep up with things quite like I would like them to be.  Wrapped gifts tonight.  Tomorrow I will tackle the house and Dreamer.  If there is any time left, I would like to start in on all of the other dogs a couple at a time.  Puppies are good for now, so they can wait until next week. 

The big puppy, that I have  been calling Tank, will get a bath Wednesday morning.  He is going to be picked up by Santa Christmas Eve afternoon to go to a special girl.  Don't want to ruin the surprise for now, so more after Christmas about his new home.  Not sure when Ria will go to her new home, but will be making the arrangements soon.  Would be nice if it was over my break, but that probably won't happen.  Need to be on the look out for homes for the rest of the puppies, King and Romeo. 

Kingston, a Murphy son, will be coming to live with me.  He is a tiny boy, so I will have to see if he is able to breed any of my girls.   I have used his full brother/littermate, Vinnie before and loved the babies. 

The USDA inspector was here today.  Just like last time, he loved the place.  Makes me sad that puppy mills can pass inspection.  He told me that I did not need beds for my dogs since the floor is sealed in the kennel building.  Little does he know that my dogs DO need beds, because who would want to sleep on the cold hard floor?  The State inspector should be coming sometime soon too.  Not worried about inspections, just takes some time to go over everything. 

Dread going through all of my receipts for taxes, but it WILL be started after Christmas.  Our tax appointment is mid January, so I need to get busy!   Hope my computer holds out, so I don't have to go to school to input figures.  So much easier than the ledger book I use to use, but a pain to have to have a computer to get everything recorded.


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