April 18

I did not get everything done that I wanted today because of the sewer.  First load of laundry this morning was puppy stuff.  Extra wash and rinse so it was suppose to take 90 minutes.  I went downstairs to check on it and the sewer was backing up.  Quickly bagged up all of the dirty towels and my dirty clothes and the things that had gotten wet.  Went to my parents with detergent in hand.  Put a load in then went to my tanning appointment.  Then the long day of washing in Mom's machines.  She has regular sized washer/dryer and I have front loaders.  Three loads of towels and four loads of other items.  Her dryer could not keep up, so I came home with two of her loads to dry.  They all fit into my dryer.  Dave was already home and working on the sewer. I have done two more loads of dog beds since I got home. 

Puppies did get two tastes of freedom today.  I let them out this morning to run the kitchen and then after I got back from town.  They LOVE it!!!  They then crash and completely fill a doggie bed with overflow.  They are getting the idea to potty on the pee pads on one end of their pen, but don't always hit it.  Much mess to clean up with nine in the one pen. 

State Assessment tests are back on.  Not sure when but will likely start this next week for some of the students.   Only five weeks left!

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