Got a call this morning from the USDA inspector.  He wanted to come by this afternoon.   Kicked it I to full gear.  Picked up house.  I still had my suitcases out. Plus other clutter that needed attention. Then of course the barn.  I had not done the daily pick up, plus a bit of deep cleaning, like the doggie doors needed to be wiped down, I wanted bed covers to be changed out.  

Watched two PowerPoint presentations, then we went to the barn. He seemed to like what  he saw.  He looked over my records and told me what I could do for puppy identity cards.  Back to the house to watch two more PowerPoints, then a bit more paperwork and I had officially passed!  I should get a letter next week to send in my fee.

For those that don't know, I am requires to get a USDA license if I have more than 4 bitches AND I sell even one puppy without the new owner meeting me in person.  In reality this only happens about three times a year, but I want to do everything the correct and legal way.  I already have a Kansas license.

I did get Zinga bathed last night, but the pictures did not happen today, nor did Darla's bath and pictures.


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