Labor Day, Monday, Sept 7, 2015

Thank you for the prayers.  My eye just has really large floaters, caused by aging.  The Eye doctor will look at it again at the end of the month. I see the regular doctor this week. I am sure she will tell me the same thing.... you are getting older!  lol

They are suppose to start on the outside of the house tomorrow.  Drilling holes to blow in more insulation. Then siding, guttering, and covering all wood parts.  We need to buy a new door for the basement and get the door from the folks for the front.  The front door will need to be finished yet.   We don't even have our loan approved yet!!!  The loan officer was on vacation last week.  I guess we could be in big trouble, as they have already started on the kitchen cabinets too.  

All of the dogs, except Gracie, the poodle, got baths yesterday.  Bubble bath ad a rinse.  Quick way to wash a crew.  I need to do nails and a bit of trimming yet.  Dave and I calked and fixed a few things around the barn.  Trying to get ready to have the whole crew there while the house is being worked on.  I don't want anyone getting stepped on, or let out and lost.  As much as I don't like not having them in the house, I know it is safer for them to be contained safely away from the construction.   I bet you can guess where I will be spending a lot of my time too!  lol

Getting excited about the dog show in just a few weeks.  Then nothing until Eukanuba.  I was disappointed to find out that there will be only one show at Eukanuba this year for FSS breeds.  Guess I won't be going next year.  The trip is too expensive for only one show, even if the BTCA counts it as our specialty.  Dreamer and Tater are so close to earning a Certificate of Merit.  Dreamer needs only 3 points and Tater needs 5.  Fancy needs 13 and Baby needs 14 points.  I am not planning on Baby getting a CM, but hope that Fancy can get the points in the next year. 

The next few weeks are likely to be busy ones.  We have a lot of decisions, even though a lot have been made already.  Flooring to try to get up, rooms to paint, items to buy, and stuff to move around from room to room.  Hopefully we can purge stuff not needed during the remodel too.


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