July 30, 2015

A couple of days ago when I came into school I forgot to update the blog.  I did post show results though.  

The trip was fun since I had my friend Bernice with me.  She helped me GREATLY with my 4 and I only helped her a little with her two Shiba Inus.   We stayed at another Shiba person's home.  Gladys graciously let us spend 5 nights in her gorgeous home overlooking a river.  We enjoyed her hot tub and used quite of bit of her water washing Biewer Terriers everyday.  Bernice has taken Tater under her wing and has had him at her home for about a month now.  He is getting a bath everyday there, something that I just don't seem to have the time for.  Needless to say, he is looking FABULOUS! 

In just two weeks, I will be heading to another show.  When I get back school will start, so the time until then is busy with getting my classroom ready and trying to keep up with the dogs.  I am also trying to prepare for the remodel that should start in September.  I have been looking for a flooring that will be easy on the dogs' feet when they have to spend weeks in the barn/kennel.   I don't want to take any risks that any of the gang will get out or stepped on, so banishment is the only answer.  Of course I will be spending LOTS of time with them.  Heck, if the new doggie tub is hooked up, I may have to do dishes down there!  Planning on putting a microwave down there too since some of the enzyme shampoo needs to be heated up before you put it on the dogs. 

We are looking for a propane heater for the ceiling as electricity has been so expensive to heat the barn.   Propane is down in price right now and we contracted what we hope is plenty for the house and barn. 

I may have to go to Colorado alone, but am trying to talk Dave into going with me.  He would have to either take vacation days or just not get paid for the three week days we will be gone.  My friend Bernice has a show in Topeka during that time.  DARN!  I wish all AKC shows allowed FSS to compete!

Tomorrow I will be contacting someone about Killer.  She has been busy all week.  On paper (the application) she sounds wonderful!  Talk to her and then check her references.  Killer would LOVE is own person to spoil him!   Fancy (AKA Sweetie) really got into the show life and the attention!


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