May 8

Dave had his surgery today.  He can tell that the hernia is not burning like it was, but has pain from the surgery.  Two weeks of limited lifting and not driving as long as he is on the pain medicine.  We stayed in Salina tonight with the kids.  Tomorrow we will go home to begin the healing in earnest.  It was nice to have sidewalks to walk on though when I was getting Dave to move around and walk. 

Missing the babies like crazy!  I also said yes to a little boy that will be a new show/stud hopeful.  Hoping to go get him in early June.  I hope to post pictures of him soon.  I also need to name him.  Any fabulous G names? 
Going Grand  (is Andi's name)
GQ Dreams is Dreamer

What about:
Great and mighty
Going to the top
Grab your hat
Getting fine
Get your Great
Glory shines
good and plenty
good as it gets
getting is good
grab the glory
Giant Step
Given it all

Hmm, lots to think about.
Sure there will be lots to do tomorrow with Dave not feeling up to par. 

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