Wednesday, December 23

The package that was supposed to arrive today has not.  So now I have nothing for my dil for Christmas, unless it arrives tomorrow morning.

Busy day today.  Groceries bought, last gift for my parents bought.  Prepared most of our Christmas dinner today.  Potato casserole, corn casserole, slaw salad, pie, sweet potatoes.  Just need to heat the hot things up and bake the ham and make the broccoli dish.  Wrapped all of the gifts and stuffed stockings, cleaned kitchen, living room, and bathroom.  Dave helped me move the bed back into the extra room (floor not finished yet) We hung curtains and made the bed up.  Now we wait for Dana's family to arrive. 

Tomorrow we pack everything up and go to Dereck's for the day. 

I REALLY need to give some baths to dogs!  Some need some trimming done.  Everyone's toenails need clipped.  Guess

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