Early morning today since I took Tessa in to the vet.  She had a couple of teeth pulled and her spay is complete.  The vet also found that she does not produce enough tears, so now Tessa gets drops to lubricate her eyes.  She looked kind of pitiful when I picked her up.  Hair all messy and stringy looking.  She is on pain meds and antibiotics for a few days too.  

The puppies are doing well without Bella around.  GG needed a bottom bath tonight, so I need to clip some of the hair to keep it from happening again.  Everyone's ears are up nicely. They are all active, playful babies.  Once they leave it will be quiet around here.  

Tomorrow I go to a math conference with another teacher.  It means another early morning, as we are meeting at the transportation office at 7 am.  I need to have things organized tonight, so I don't forget to do or take anything.  


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