I have been updating pictures and weights and will do the website next.  Amy was so funny when I had her alone on the LR.  She would run and try to crawl under my leg.  Was perfectly happy to just sit in my lap and be petted. 

Finished parent gifts today at school and sent them  home with the kids wrapped up in a decorated gift bag.  Tomorrow my dad comes to read to the kids.  Two and a half days until the kids leave for break.  I have had two kids sick each day this week.  Not the same ones each time. 

Wrapped all of Jill's presents tonight.  They are boxed up and ready to send off.  Also packed their three stockings in another box to send to them.  Next I need to get the other presents wrapped.  I do have all of the stockings stuffed already, so they just need to be put out.  I know, kind of backwards. 

The tree is still bare except for the lights.  May wait until I get off.  We are having one Christmas on Saturday and another one on Wednesday.  Not sure when Dereck, Kysha, Dave and I will do stockings here. 

Better get on the pictures, so you all can see the babies growing up.

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