March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Spring Break is almost over. :-(

The  dogs have had their annual beauty day, except for Wolfi still needs a hair cut.  I also need to do a few ear trims and toe nails that were somehow missed.

The vet was out Tuesday to give 10 dogs vaccinations.  Most were puppies or new ones.  The "old" gang will get their vaccinations in June, once school is out.

I have been working on updating the website today, so at least the information is more current.  Dogs have been deleted and added.  I still need to get some new pictures of the new dogs though. 

I have put three new to Heaven Sent dogs on my pages.  Bruno and Kissses come to me from the Ukraine.  Faith flew in from Belarus.  I am hoping these three mature into a nice size to get into the ring this summer and later put into the breeding program. 

I also have two new HS born girls that are being added.  The jury is still out on one of the girls, in hopes that she grows.

Tommy leaves this weekend.  Baby and Monique leave in just about 2 weeks.  Timmy and Wolfi are still looking for forever homes.  I know it will need to be a special home to take Wolfi, since he is an older male that has been intact.  Until that home appears, he is enjoying his time in retirement, but still looking out for girls coming into heat.

Gracie, my toy poodle girl, died last week.  She was 13 years old.  She was a complainer (whined a lot!), but was always there for an ear to bend or help with a puppy.  (Remember, she raised Bella)   Gracie was able to travel to horse shows and trips to Colorado in her early years.  She was a great dog!  She is buried on the little hill overlooking our place.  I know she is watching everything for us.

Emma, the Anatolian, has declining health too.  She is on daily pain killers for her joints.  I asked the vet how do you know when the right time is.  The vet told me that when she no longer gets up, it will be time...  I tear up just thinking of that time.

The house remodel is almost done.  We go this afternoon to sign the new mortgage papers.  What is left is mostly going to be Dave and I doing it.  Paint, reorganizing, and general decorating.   We still have a car port on order and want the retaining wall replaced this summer. 


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