February 7, 2016

The gang all got to run and play in the yard (fenced) on Saturday.  The weather was cold, but warmer than it had been.  No snow on the ground, but the dirt was still a bit muddy and of course all of the grass dead.  This has made for a bit of a mess, with hair getting coated with dead grass and paws with mud.  The puppies got to run around outside for the first time.  The LOVED it!   Really need to get Timmy and Tommy into their pet homes.  If you know of anyone that would like an approximately 12 pound (when fully grown) Biewer Terrier boy, please send them my way.  These two would be very inexpensive to the right homes.   I have already sent in for AKC/FSS registrations, but I don't think I am going to get their BTRA registrations, to save a bit and pass that savings on.  Timmy and Tommy are ready anytime now.

Monique goes in for her spay and dental in just over a week.  She will likely be leaving in early March.  She is still with her little girl, because I don't want the baby to be lonely and I don't trust any other dog with the baby when I can't be there 24/7,  The baby looks so tiny, but she is charting to be a bout 5 pounds.  Maybe need to weigh her again to see if that is still the case. 
With the house being remodeled, we have done a bit to the barn.  I think I told you that there is a new propane heater, so no more dangerous electric space heaters.  Also the dog tub has been hooked up and I have hot water!  This makes it so much easier to clean.  I don't have to haul hot water down to the barn any more.  We have also been taking a lot of the dog "stuff" to the barn.  I already have 2 shelves with Rubbermaid type containers.  Today we ordered an enclosed shelve unit.  I will keep the show beds, leads, totes and other carriers in there to protect them a bit more.  We also bought the stair stringers for the steps.  This will allow one more pen if needed.  It will also make it easier for me to check on things in the barn, since I will be able to walk to the barn with the yard light.  We keep hoping to get  a light on the south side of the barn and to get a gutter up on that side. 

So wish the house remodel was done.  We are still living like hoarders with stuff EVERYWHERE and my babies all in the barn!  Miss their company and warm bodies.  Then on days when no construction workers come to work, It kind of ticks me off.  That is a day wasted that could be a day to bring the babies inside the house!


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