Yesterday two great things happened.  Monique found her retirement home and the cabinet maker contacted me regarding the install date.  Seems our counter tops were in the wreck and damaged.  They have to recut them.  With luck on our side (kind of ironic after the first ones being in a wreck), they will be picked up Tuesday evening, installed Wednesday and then the rest of the cabinets installed on Friday.  I may have some of the weekend to put stuff in them!  Saturday will likely be out as we are doing Thanksgiving with our son and his wife that day.

Everyone is doing pretty good.  We have started with having to give hinny washes.  Not sure if it is the length of the hair right now or if they are having poo issues.  Would love to cut them all down, but this is the beginning of the cold weather, so not a wise time to shave dogs. 

The older puppies are getting more personalities.  Bella is also not cleaning up after them as well as she did.  They are eating soften food once a day.  In a week or so we will go to twice a day.  I don't want to keep them so full that they don't nurse.   They would definitely be in the kitchen now.  They are noisier and messier.  It makes sleeping more difficult, plus clean up would have been easier on the linoleum. 

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