Wednesday, October 16

Half way through this week.
Harley and Pumpkin go for their second shot/vet visit on Friday.  They will be ready to travel the following week.  Harley will be going to Minnesota, but Pumpkin hasn't stolen anyone's heart yet.  She is a sweetie and I know her perfect home is out there somewhere.  The younger puppies are catching up to her in size since she is staying small.

Tomorrow we get to wear jeans to school.  Friday the kids get out at 12:10, because it is the end of the first quarter.  Then the teachers get to get all of the grades ready and finish up lesson plans.  Next week things will be really busy at school as we have different activities going on.  Red Ribbon Week, K-2 program, 6th grade vocal concert and Wednesday early release.  I also have homework room on Monday after school.  The following week is what I refer to as teacher hell week.  Monday we have parent/teacher conferences until 9pm, Wednesday is more of the same.  Halloween party on Thursday.  Thank goodness we have Friday off to recouperate from the tiring week.  

Hoping to get some timer lights hung up in the barn this weekend.  Also need to rehang the tablecloths to divide the area into two, so that we don't have to heat the whole space.  A few of the dogs need baths and a bit of grooming too.  The puppies will likely need baths again, even though they got baths on Sunday.  At least toenails won't need to be cut again, but ear hair will need to be trimmed up.  

Murphy has been enjoying snuggling up in our bed again since we haven't had any girls in heat.  (I don't have to worry about fights breaking out between the boys).

Better get cleaned up and ready for bed soon, or else I wll be drifing off before my jammies are on!

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