wednesday may14

This week is half over and next week ends Thursday at noon for the kids.  wow! Just a week left. 

Lovie was supposed to leave this weekend, but she scratched her eye.  probably from her own claw or one of her little buddies.    Now the earliest she can leave me is May 27.  She will only leave if the vet gives her a clean bill of health.  So it looks like Lofty will be the first one to go.  I had better start getting extra snuggle time in!

I am pretty sure that Joey has found his new home.  He is probably going to go live with two other HS babies. 

The  puppies are learning to stay cleaner.  They are not looking so dirty just a few days after their bathes.  

Andi has been visiting, but will go back to Columbia this weekend.  

Lovie and her sisters were supposed to go tot he vet on Friday, but Lovie will get her shot on the 27 when she goes back for her eye and the sisters will get theirs next week when I take Joey and Tate in for shot #1.  I need to see about getting Lotty's shot that Friday before she leaves. 


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