Wednesday, February 26

The tiny puppy has finally gained just a bit.  She is up to 2.5 ounces!  Her sisters are gaining .4-.7 of an ounce each day.  Needless to say they are more than twice her size.  The tiny girl nurses and latches on really well.  Puppy watch will be starting up again.  I wonder why the litters come in spurts? 

In less than a month Amy will be leaving and then Dreamer will be alone.  The adults don't seem to think he is much fun. 

I am supposed to have my phone interview with USDA tomorrow night.  He said he would try to come over spring break for the inspection part. 

Before spring break, I need to get Amy to the vet for bordetella vaccination and at least one adult so I can be shown how to implant microchips.  Not sure I am ready to do it since the needle is huge, but USDA says all dogs much be identified and I do not want them to have to wear collars all the time. 

Early release today.  I felt like we were rushing through everything.  Inservice really wasn't much as we took an online survey, had a short faculty meeting, and we met with a reading teacher regarding services.  The rest of the time we spent in our rooms working on whatever.

This week is cold in Kansas, as it is in much of the upper US.  Can't wait for warmer temps to be an every day occurrence.  I love being able to have the dogs play outside while I work in the flowers or yard. 

Still praying that the tiny girl will continue to gain and survive, but glad she is past 2 days.  Now to get to two weeks.

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