Wednesday, April 2

Darla and Zinga got their baths tonight.  I have removed food and water from the three dogs that go in tomorrow morning.  I will take three more dogs in tomorrow evening when I pick up the first three.  This will save me several miles and two early mornings.

This weekend I need to get Murphy and Bella bathed.  I would also like to get Wolfi done and then of course Dreamer needs a bath too!  That will leave just the current mamas, but they all had a grooming session before the puppies came. 

Tiny Romeo was out of the box this morning.  Tonight when I got home from school, he was in the hallway.  He was with his mama, so I know he is okay.  He ate really well when I gave them their gruel.  I also offered hard puppy food to them tonight and some of them at a few kibbles.

Tomorrow we should find out about the State Assessments.

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