Leta, Lanka, and Te came through their dentals okay.  Took Maggie and Angie in when I picked the first three up.  Poor Angie was either stressing or coming down with something.  She had diarrhea all over me and the clinic floor. 

Most of the puppies are able to work the doggie door now.  I will start on their baths and picture once I get Dreamer, Shona, and Gracie done. 

I have all of the AKC forms done (again). I had to redo them because was informed that names that did not fit were not to be written outside of the boxes and that AKC would get full names from the registration forms.  Pictures for AKC registrations are all done.  I do not have Dreamer's DNA back, so I don't have his BTRA registration yet.  I may have to send it in later.  I haven't even tried to do Romeo's since I would have to order the DNA kit.  Not sure how this all works after the registrations are sent in.  I am not sure if I duel register BTRA and AKC or just AKC from now on. 

Need to go give the girls their antibiotic. 

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