This cold continues to get the best of me.  I have gone to school each day, but once things are done, I head to bed.  Tonight has been the best I have felt is a while!

I did take some puppy pictures tonight.  Don't see them?     Well, I could not get the new computer to read the SD card reader that was in a USB port.  If anyone knows how to get Windows 8 to access a USB port PLEASE share with me!  Does anyone know if I can get a micro card to work in a camera, so then I can use it on the computer that does not have the regular size slot, only the micro slot and apparantly a USB slot that I cannot get to work.

It is official.... Hero is now Mike and will be going to live in Colorado in a few weeks.  He is learning is new name, but still loves giving kisses and all attention he can get. 

I need to find Tessa a home SOON!  The babies pick on her terribly.  They gang up on her and start pulling on her hair.  She just lets them until Dave or I rescue her.  I try to keep her away from them, but that means either she or the puppies are in the expen.  She would be much better off in a home where she has her own human and does not need to share with lively playful puppies that out weigh her.  She is going to remain small and is just under three pounds.  All shots, spay and dental are done.  She does have dry eye and needs tear drops several times a day.  Considerations to the right home. 

A week an a half until winter break!  So much to do before then!!!  I need to get a reminder off to the mothers on the Christmas party.  The student gifts need to be "wrapped"  next weeks' lesson plans need to be done, and worksheets all run off.  We started on parent gifts today, but they are not finished yet.  We have the semester reading tests to give yet, math was given yesterday.  I need to get more flashcards out to the kids and we need to do more timed test over the multiplication facts. 

I have started working on our tax info.  At least trying to get things organized by months, so that I can input figures into a program.  I have through May mostly done already, but the rest of the year is just at the very beginning stages of being separated out. 

This is Gismo.   He lives up north, but not as far north as his picture would have us believe.  I think he is pretty cute in his antlers, and I am amazed that he isn't knocking them off with a paw.  I am sure Santa would love to have him join the team.  . . . .  Who could resist that face!?

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