I think I got everything done today.  Two bathrooms, several loads of laundry (just have some bedding left), living room, kitchen and hallway all cleaned.  Scrubbing out the tub is getting harder and harder as I get older and older.  I have a pile of magazines that I need to go through. I did not get to our bedroom, but kind of figured that I might not.  Also need to mop the barn, but knew that would have to wait too.  I guess if I would not procrastinate, it would mean less to do on the days I have off. 

The puppies are all doing fine from their vaccinations the other day.  They all had ear cleanings with the blue ear cleaning stuff and then cotton swabs.  Then I trimed up the hair on their feet to make them pretty for the show.  Trimmed the long hair between the pads too.  I think all they will need now is a final bath.  Checked out Tessa's mouth today and her teeth are looking so much better since the vet pulled some.  The bit is almost normal now and the lower canines are moving out, so that they are not hitting the top of her mouth.   I guess it is kind of weird that I include her in the puppies since she is almost a year old, but she weighs the same or less than the 13 week old babies.  She gets along with, even if she does want me to pick her up all the time.  She does not appreciate all the puppy play, but I do catch her occassionally joining in. 

I do need to get some shampoo and conditioner in the bag for the dogs.  I have my clothes all packed and most of the dog stuff packed.  I need to wipe down the grooming table and crates.  They get dirty and dusty just sitting around.  Not sure how the puppies are going to walk or stack.  I did not get to practice with them yesterday or today.  Hoping we will get home early enough tomorrow to be able to work with them at least one more time before we take off for the show. 

I also need to find my SD card reader if I am going to get pix posted from the computer.  It has been several years since I used it. 

My back is sure protesting tonight!  Too much lifting and bending. 

We are actually at Dereck and Kysha's tonight.  Had a small Thanksgiving meal with them. Dereck is worn out from being at the hospital by 6 am and getting home at 8 pm.  This will be the first time we have stayed over night in their new home.  We may not see him tomorrow before we leave, but he said there is not very many patients in the hospital right now, so it may not take as long tomorrow. 

Better start heading to bed so I can turn off lights here. 

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