I am posting this from my new tablet/laptop! 

Had dinner with my sister and her husband tonight.  They live in Louisiana, but will soon be deploying to Germany for at least 2 years. 

The puppies all did well at the vet tonight.  She said I could give them their first dose of Revolution.  Even though they had baths last night, one of them decided to poo in the crate on the way to the vets' office.  It was bad and I had to roll two windows part way down even though it was below freezing!  Cleaned it up when I got to the vets' office. 

Much to do tomorrow.  Cleaning and packing and making hashbrown potato dish for Thanksgiving. 

I need to find my SD card reader to use with the new computer, since it only has a micro SD slot and USB port. 

Glad to have a few days off, but sounds like I will be so busy, that I will wonder where the break went.  Don't like to wish my life away, but already can't wait for Winter break, spring break and summer vacation! 

On the down side I will need to diet after Christmas!

Hoping to get pictures updated during break.  The babies are getting fuzzy and really cute.  They are technically ready to go,now that they have had two shots.  Wondering what the judges will think of the newest gang?

More later, had better get some sleep before I have to get started on the house.  Plan of attack is: Laundry, bathroom, LR, kitchen, barn, packing, working with puppies, and lastly my bedroom.  I figure I can always shut the door to the bedroom!  lol  Need to trim hair on puppy feet too, both with scissors and miniclippers.   

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