Tuesday, 4-8

My computer is back!!!  Yeah!!!

All of the dentals are done, except for the mamas.  Tonight Dave held dogs while I microchipped them.  Again the mamas are not done yet.  I also need to do Dreamer.  Tobi, Rishona, Murphy, Wolfi and Maggie all have microchips already, so I did not need to do them. 

The babies were all wormed tonight when I shaved and taped ears. 

I was almost late picking up Murphy and Bella from the vet tonight.  I had 21 students in homework room tonight, so it took a bit to get them all out the door when it was over at 4:40.  The vet closes at 5 and it is 15 minute drive.  Good thing they are not usually in a big hurry to leave each night.  Have I ever said that I LOVE my vets?  Okay, so I did not love my bill tonight!  9 dentals, 9 on clavamox for 5 days,  1 spay, 4 rabies and 1 distemper vaccinations.  I hate to even think of the dentals for the mamas and Dreamer baby teeth being pulled. 

I am just about ready for the USDA inspection.  I have the exercise plan that needs a vet signature, but I forgot to take it with me.  I need to microchip the rest of the dogs past weaning age.  Decide where I am going to put puppies since the inspector said he would rather not inspect my bedroom.  There are also a couple of places that need a bit of caulk and paint.  The doorway frame only has primer and I need to finish painting it.  Some of the silicon caulk has come loose and needs to be redone.  I want everything perfect.

Early Release tomorrow, No school on Good Friday, and I took off Wednesday, April 30.  Then here comes May with many many activities.

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