Stayed late at school today. Had homework room until 5 and then used my school computer to pay do
e bills and to post the babies online.  

The oldest puppies are getting more aware each day. I sat in their box and they are actually coming up to me for attention already.  Food is next.  Can only imagine what it is going to be like when they are all eating food at the same time.  Play time will be a blast this summer!  I need to remember too that some of them could possibly be leaving just as school is getting out for the summer though. 

This is blog entry is coming from my phone.  Nothing like typing with just one finger!    

Appointments next week and the following week for dentals and a few shots for adults. The mamas are going to have to wait for their dental until babies are weaned. Sis will be spayed.  I have been thinking of having Leta and Laika spayed too.   I guess I just need to get some current pictures and see if anyone is interested in these girls plus Maggie. 

Wad ad reading an article the other day. It was saying that bitches have less problems if you breed back to back.  It said that resting girls between litters causes problems with conceiving,  carrying puppies and whelping.  They agreed that birches need to be retired early but said by age eight.  That seems a bit old to me. If I ever get a chance at school or when my computer is fixed I will have to post the article or a link to it.  

With puppies in the house this is a bad time for the computer to not be working correctly.  

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