Sunday mornng, Feb. 23

We had a busy Saturday, even without grand daughter to entertain.  Vivi is with her new family and back home in Kentucky.  Had a nice in person talk with her mommy.  I think we could have talked all day, but they needed to get on the road. 

We to the Harley dealer here and looked around.  Went back just before they closed to get Dave a t-shirt and Jillian (grand daughter) some flip flops. 

Picked up a bag of dog food that will be needed when we get back home, but seems funny to have a huge bag of dog food 5 hours from home. 

Had lunch with Dana and walked the mall some.  We were kind of looking for a beach hat for Jill.  After lunch we went and checked on Te. 

During the day we also went to a huge boot store and Dave looked for work boots.  Unfortunately his gout is raging right now, so he really cannot try them one for fit or comfort. 

Took Dana out to eat last night.  Her birthday is coming up and we may not see her for awhile. 

Te was really restless last night, so I was figuring we would have puppies during the night.  She even purposely woke me  a couple of times by nudging my hand.  One time when I woke to check her, I could not find her.  She was hidden away in Andi's crate.  I had to put it up on a table to make sure she would sleep in her box.  I have been sleeping on a couch since the  bedroom is carpeted.  Don't want any accidents or puppy mess.  Beside I am lower to the floor on the couch than the bed and it makes it easier to reach into Te's box.   She is getting VERY close.  Probably another restless/sleepless night tonight. 

We will be heading home after Dana goes to work around 10.  That will put us back home around 3.  I have all the puppy supplies ready incase we need them in the car. 

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