Sunday, May 18

Sorry no new pictures today.  We went to KC today to take Ando back to Dana.  Also helped Richard find shoes and a tie for the wedding.  I got up early to give Ando her haircut.  I had given her bath last night.  on the way to KC I sewed the ribbons on the hair piece that Dana had gotten.  Nothing like doing things at the last  minute!

Before we left I gave Joey and Love some chicken and noodles.  I wanted to make sure they had something in their tummies since I would be away for longer than I ever had.  Joey is so tiny.  I put those two in an expend.  The rest of the gang was loose in the kitchen.  I could tell when we got home theta they mostly tried to potty on the pads while we were gone. 

Good news today for Sis.  She will be going to her forever home in a week and a half. 

Right now the puppy/dog travel schedule is:
This week, Thursday, Lofty will be picked up in Marysville.
The following week on Tuesday or Wednesday, Lovie will leave with the transporter.  Wednesday evening, Sis will be picked up when we go to KC for the evening.
First week in June, Rosie  will be picked up with Lori meeting Rosie's new mom.
Mid June, Joey will be picked up by his mom at the airport.

Field trip tomorrow.  Tuesday we have award party scheduled.  Wednesday is the annual cookout and fun day.  Kids get out Thursday at noon.  Teachers work Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.  Busy busy week.  My wedding hair appointment is Thursday after school. 

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