sunday March 30

My son and daughter-in-law have loaned me a tablet until my computer comes back.  Yeah!!  I am back online! We
We did go see them today.  Picked up some kennel panels that their neighbor was wanting to get rid of.   The puppies are really growing. Most of them are eating puppy gruel now too.

This week I start taking dogs in for dentals.  Tobi, Gracie, and Rishona will be Thursday and Darla, Zinga, and  Monique will be Friday.  I want them to have their spring haircut before going in, so if I do two dogs the next three days they will be ready.  Then I can do the ones that go in the following week next weekend.

The dogs are not going to be happy, but they will all be in the barn when we are gone to the wedding.  It will make it easier for the people taking care of them. Ri makes herself at home down there. She wanders around a bit when down there but then finds a doggie bed and naps while I am busy.  Most dogs stay right at my side because they don't want to be left down there.

State assessment resting begins this week!  I hope it goes well.

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