Sunday, December 15

Another busy weekend.  Topeka on Saturday and Manhattan today.  I was able to get three puppies photographed tonight and updated PuppyFind.  I will get the others taken tomorrow and then the website updated.

Jillian's birthday was yesterday.  When we talked to her she was riding her new bike around the garage. 

Mike, AKA Hero, may be leaving when Dereck and Kysha leave after Christmas.  They will meet up with either his new mom or one of her friends in Western Kansas.

One week of school left.  It is full of activities and of course the party on Friday.  The kids get out at noon, but the teachers work the full day. 

In Topeka, I bought both a new SD card reader and a micro SD card.  Tried the new reader first, so that I could get the pictures of Mike that I took a couple of days ago to his mom.  I used the micro card tonight.  Now I have two ways that I can take and store pictures.   I guess my old reader was just not compatible with the new computer.  I bought it several years ago when our desk top computer did not have an SD slot.

Christmas shopping all done.  I do need to get one more item, but should be able to get it here.  I am going to send stuff off to Columbia, since we won't see Dana, Richard and Jill untili after Christmas.  Now to get everything wrapped and boxed up!  Dave has the tree up, but it is not decorated yet. 

Better get ready for bed.  It is after 1 and I just got done with the pictures. 

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